We’re on a mission to democratize carbon accounting.

A fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods.
Automated data collection that doesn’t require additional headcount.
Best in class methodology and reporting capabilities.

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Identify Emission Sources

The first step is to identify your organization’s Emission Sources, from energy consumption, shipping, business travel, waste disposal, etc. From there, CarbonSuite collects Activity Data directly from your ERP system.

Calculate Emissions

Your standard NetSuite transactions like Vendor Bills and Expense Reports are enhanced to record the activity data required to calculate Emissions. Using a combination of this activity data and the financial value of the transactions, CarbonSuite uses Emission Factors to calculate your organization’s emissions and groups them by Scope and Category.


Publish Reports

Once your emissions are recorded and audited, CarbonSuite allows you to make sense of the “Alphabet Soup” of ESG and easily generate reports compliant with the major sustainability reporting frameworks, such as: SEC, CSRD, CDP, TCFD, SECR, GRI, ISSB, and others.

Communicate Results

It is crucial to share your progress with Internal Stakeholders like employees, investors, board of directors and External Stakeholders like customers, vendors, regulators, and the public. Post your reports on your website, social media, press releases, and include it in annual reports.


Build Reduction Plans

Implement reduction strategies at the organizational level, like Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Procurement, Waste Reduction, and Insetting. Encourage individuals to participate in sustainable behaviors using strategies like Education, Gamification, and Climate-Friendly Policies.

Purchase and Develop Offsets

Reduction is ALWAYS the preferred option, but Carbon Offsets can be a useful tool to offset the emissions you cannot reduce. High-quality Offsets can be purchased directly within the CarbonSuite platform, and the impact is recorded separately so you can measure your offsets against your emissions total.