Built for NetSuite SuiteApp

CarbonSuite is built specifically for NetSuite ERP as a “SuiteApp.” This means that to access CarbonSuite, you simply log into your NetSuite account, navigate to the CarbonSuite tab, and voilà! The Carbon Accounting process requires data like Subsidiaries, Vendors, Items and others that are core components of NetSuite, so by using CarbonSuite, you can leverage your existing master data and processes to save time and decrease redundancy. Additionally, using the “Emission Workbench” feature, you can automatically pull in data from your Vendor Bills, Expense Reports, and other transactions to calculate your emissions.

CarbonSuite is the first and only carbon accounting platform that is integrated directly with NetSuite. Click below to learn more today!

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API License

Not a NetSuite user? Have a specific use case for calculating emissions? No problem! Our API license allows you to purchase access to our calculation engine. Integrate your existing data structure to CarbonSuite’s API and quickly produce emission calculations. Our Emission Factor Database supports frameworks like US EPA, Canada ECCC, UK DEFRA, Australia DCCEEW, Exiobase, GHG Protocol, Green-E, and we are always adding more emission factors. Ready to get started? Get in touch today!

Sustainability Consulting

CarbonSuite Consulting provides a range of services to help your organization meet your sustainability goals. Our sustainability strategy service helps clients develop a comprehensive sustainability plan that aligns with your business objectives. We also provide carbon accounting support to help you get the most out of the CarbonSuite platform. Sustainability and ESG reporting can be difficult to navigate, so we are happy to help audit your data, prepare and submit reports for your team. Finally, our emissions reduction service helps your organization build and implement projects that drive meaningful impact in reducing your carbon footprint. Get in touch today!