Carbon Accounting

CarbonSuite is built directly in your ERP system, which means that we can collect carbon emissions data directly from your financial transactions like Vendor Bills and Expense Reports. Other platforms require you to export financial data out of your ERP and import it into the carbon accounting platform. With CarbonSuite, you can keep your financial data secure and avoid the manual task of data export / import.

Emission Factor Management

Finding and formatting high quality emission factors is a science in itself. CarbonSuite provides Emission Factor Management-as-a-service with data from US EPA, Canada ECCC, UK BEIS, Australia DCCEEW, GHG Protocol, Green-E, and many other data sources. We update our database frequently, and each emission factor is vetted by our team to ensure quality. You can also create your own custom emission factors within CarbonSuite if you have internally developed data.

Sustainability Reporting

CarbonSuite is your one-stop shop for carbon reporting compliance. CarbonSuite is built on the globally recognized GHG Protocol, so whether you are reporting to the SEC, the European Commission (CSRD), CDP, TCFD, GRI, or ISSB, we’ve got you covered! CarbonSuite simplifies the sustainability reporting process, allowing you to deliver timely and accurate sustainability data to your stakeholders.

Carbon Ledger

We created a new concept called a “Carbon Ledger” that tracks your emissions data with the same detail as your Financial Ledger. The Carbon Ledger has built-in system notes that track all changes within the platform. At the end of you period, you can use the GHG Period Close Checklist feature to quickly audit your emissions data and close the reporting period.

Reduction Targets

Once you have understood you carbon footprint, you can set Reduction Targets and have them validated with organizations like the Science-based Targets Initiative (SBTI) and Race to Zero. CarbonSuite uses data-driven insights to monitor your emissions against your Reduction Targets and keep you in line with your goals.

Carbon Management

Reduce as much as you can, and offset the rest. With CarbonSuite, you can build Reduction Plans to map out your sustainability journey and build programs within your organization to systematically reduce your emissions. Once you have maximized your reductions, you can purchase Carbon Offsets within the platform to bring your Net Emissions within the range of your target.